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At Janus Real Estate we offer services for both sellers and buyers, as well as investors. Below you'll find brief descriptions of each of those services. 



I offer full listing services for sellers but at rates that can save you thousands. Many real estate companies charge as high as 6% to sell your home or condo. Of that the listing firm keeps 1/2 - we charge a total commission of 4%, keeping only 1% - 1.5% of the sales price for our listing services and offering up to 3% to the buyers agent. 

For a $300,000 home the seller saves $6000 using Janus Real Estate.

With 12 years experience in Real Estate Appraisal and 29 years in real estate overall, I will accurately price your home to make sure it sells for the best possible price in the time frame that fits your needs. My extensive work with social media gives us additional direct outlets to other Realtors, to potential buyers, and to over 18 websites directly tied into Carolina Multiple Listing Service. I've listed and sold homes for individual owners, investment groups, estates, and financial institutions.


I work full-time in real estate and are constantly watching the market, previewing new listings, and making sure I know the market better than my competition. I have over 20 email alerts set to notify me of any new listings in the market, and I'm constantly updating those searches to cover new clients.


As your BUYERS AGENT, I work for you and your best interest. When negotiating we are solely working on your behalf...but the seller pays my commission. You will never write a check to Janus Real Estate for our buyers services!



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